Mission Statement

Welcome to Jackson Heights Middle School where we are 'Leading by Example.' At Jackson Heights , our goal is to provide quality instruction to ensure that our students are readied for success in the future. We must partner together in their education to reach that objective. As an A+ rated school in the state of Florida, we are proud to provide an exceptional education in Seminole County. Our school compliments its superior academic program with refreshing, effective and lively electives. 

Our mission is to personalize education for individual student success.

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Jackson Heights Middle School
41 Academy Avenue
Oviedo, FL 32765


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Language Arts Teachers

 Teachers   Grade  Phone  Email 
Canul, Erin  6  320-4608  erin_canul@scps.k12.fl.us
Elmore, Denise  6  320-4585    elmoredz@scps.k12.fl.us
Ferrante, Deanna  7  320-4637    ferrandz@scps.k12.fl.us
Garner, Brad  8  320-4571  brad_garner@scps.k12.fl.us
Langevin, Benjamin  8  320-4573
Kerr, Carol  6  320-4639  kerrcc@scps.k12.fl.us
McKown, Laura   8  320-4572  laura_mckown@scps.k12.fl.us
O'Neal, Katie  7  320-4617  katherine_oneal@scps.k12.fl.us
Schmitt, Rachel  7  320-4622  schmitrz@scps.k12.fl.us
Travis, Caitlyn 7&8  320-4535 traviscz@scps.k12.fl.us
Torres, Ida  ESOL  320-4593  ida_torres@scps.k12.fl.us