Jackson Heights Middle School. Science, technology, engineering, arts, & math (STEAM)STEAM-related courses are continuing to expand at Jackson Heights Middle School as part of the new STEAM Program of Exploration. Our vision is for all students to have the opportunity to learn Science, Math and Technology through Engineering and the Arts.

Clubs and Activities

  • STEAM Night
  • Science Fair
  • Video Game Design
  • First Lego League Robotics
  • Math Counts

STEAM Survey


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Designed to give students the opportunity to explore geospatial technology, gain basic geospatial skills, and learn how these skills can be applied to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources sectors.

iJourney: Your Pathway to Career Exploration

Designed to help students explore their interests, career opportunities, and learn about communication and digital citizenship along the way. Students will gain information necessary to become more successful students and future contributors to an increasingly digital society.

Art 2D and STEAM Lab

Bridges the gap between all content areas to prepare students for a future where creativity and ingenuity will work hand in hand to solve real world problems.


Provides the foundation of many scientifc disciplines including medicine, biochemistry, botany, genetics, molecular biology, ecology and microbiology. Students have the opportunity to fne tune the science skills that they have acquired and implement them with hands on research and lab practices.

Fundamentals of A/V and Print Technologies (Video Production I)

Introduces students to the fundamentals of digital video and graphics production. Students become engaged in the full production process and use current video and audio-editing software. This course helps students develop basic skills for any profession that involves video or graphics production, such as graphic design, broadcasting, television and flm-making.

Fundamentals of Telecommunications (Video Production II)

Explores digital video and graphics production at greater depths and utilizes more advanced software, such as the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite.

Fundamentals of Visual and Preforming Arts (News Crew)

Engages students in all components of television news broadcasting. Students work in teams to run entire news programs using high-defnition, digital studio equipment.

Robotics I and Robotics II

Utilizes the EV3 LEGO robots for classroom instruction and problem-solving activities that make learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics engaging and fun for students.